North Tour

The " little great" town of Weimar was founded here in the north and lived through the darkest part of its history here as well. We start out exactly at that location where we can show Weimar's golden age and at the same time its ugly face of the Nazi period, the Market Square. Passing by the City Palace and the perish church St. Peter and Paul we approach the original settling of Weimar around Jacobs church and its significant cemetery. Shortly after we enter the manifestation of the darkest chapter of German history- the Nazi Gauforum. Aiming for the light, we walk towards the Theater Square, and there we get to the cradle of the first German Republic and meet the giants of German Classic.


  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Number: max. 25 participants
  • Price: 95,00 €
    (Theme binding: € 105,00 €)
  • Download: north-tour.pdf

North Tour - Town hall/ market square

The market square that wasn't even a market square

In the old days, the arena was used for tournaments and became a market square only in the 16th century.

Taking a 360° view round, we see places of interest all around i.e. the Cranach House dated 16th century, the hotel Elephant, 17th- and 20th Century, the Neptune fountain from the 18th century as well as the town hall dating back to the 19th century.  Indeed the Market square of Weimar bears witness to centuries.

North Tour - Palace

Music and Authority

For a thousand years already this location has been the wellspring of authority. On top of that, starting from the middle of the 18th century, the palace became home to a steady theatre, staging opera, comedy and drama.

Taking a 360° view round, the Reithalle at the entrance of the Park an der Ilm, the Platz der Demokratie, the Neue Wache and the old gatehouse with its Bastille appeal to us.

North Tour - Parish church " St. Peter and Paul"

The Sermon of the two Kingdoms

The kingdom of god and the kingdom of the duke- in this church Martin Luther gave a blood- and thunder speech about the differentiation of the basic pillars of human society. Lucas Cranach illustrated. And yet, this Protestant house of prayer is known as Herder's church.

Herder's 360° view round leads from Johann Wolfgang Goethe's first accommodation via the coffee roast house to the house of the grand dukes infamous Caroline Jagemann.

North Tour - Jacob's church

The mystery surrounding Friedrich Schiller

Almost 900 years of history gaze at us in the churchyard of St. Jacob's. Still questionable is, what happened to Schiller's remains as well as the 12 m2 sized Lucas Cranach. Prepare to be amazed!

Taking a 360° view round from the top of the church tower, we are presented with the unforgettable panorama of Weimar.

North Tour - Gauforum

Starting as a marching ground of the fascists, today a consumers` palace

Having a close look at the manifestation of the distortion of the German Classics today we see shoppers' paradise. Light and shadow always go hand in hand, even in Weimar.

Taking a 360° view round we spot the Neues Museum, look forward to the developing Bauhaus Museum, catch sight of the Weimarhalle, and see the northern edge of the Bertuch Haus.

North Tour - Theatre – Square

The gist of the matter (Des Pudels Kern)

First the poodle exploded, then democracy was in labour for nine months and gave birth to the first German republic. Feel the magic of the location.

The 360° view round of the gentlemen Goethe and Schiller touches the Salon of Johanna Schopenhauer, Anna Amalia's round table, and the cradle designed by Peter Keler.


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  1. Town hall/ market square
  2. Palace UNESCO World Heritage
  3. (via) Via Royal Stables
  4. Parish Church "St. Peter and Paul" UNESCO World Heritage
  5. (via) Kirmes Krakow House
  6. The Jacobs Church
  7. (via) Goetheplatz
  8. (via) Bertuch Haus / Weimarhalle
  9. (via) Neues Museum
  10. Gauforum
  11. Theatre Square