Bicycle Tour

The " little great" town of Weimar can also be discovered on a relaxing bicycle tour lasting about three hours (Bubo Vimariae can supply you with adequate bicycles). We cycle through downtown ( Altstadt), through the Park an der Ilm, reach the picturesque suburb and make a stop at Henry van de Velde's home, "Hohe Pappeln".
As we continue, we find the birthplace of the "Bauhaus", we pass the home of Franz Lizst and finally reach Frauenplan. Since we are standing in front of the Goethehaus we get the chance to listen to stories about our German Duke of Poetry, Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe.


  • Duration: approx. 3 hours
  • Number: max. 15 participants
  • Price: 115,00 €
    (Theme binding: € 125,00 €)
  • Download: bicycle-tour.pdf

Bicycle Tour - Ducal Residence

The story of the great move

1774, "castle's burning, castle's burning, fetch the engine..." and move the duke. The newly built administration building had just been finished, so the duke and his family moved in. A new residence was born.

The 360° view round lets us discover the world famous classic library, several widows palaces as well as the UNESCO listed Park on the River Ilm. Bubo calls it Goethepark.

Bicycle Tour - Palace

Music and Authority

For a thousand years already this location has been the wellspring of authority. On top of that, starting from the middle of the 18th century, the palace became home to a steady theatre, staging opera, comedy and drama.

Taking a 360° view round, the Reithalle at the entrance of the Park an der Ilm, the Platz der Demokratie, the Neue Wache and the old gatehouse with its Bastille appeal to us.

Bicycle - Park on the River Ilm

Gizeh and the bulls eye

The Park on the River Ilm impresses you, dear guest, with a vast variety of splendors, springs, figurines, statues, Goethes Gartenhaus, the Roman House and all those fascinating bits and pieces of the history of Weimar.

A 360° view round, no matter where in the "Goethepark", presents extraordinary sight lines.

Bicycle - Bienenmuseum

It buzzes in the suburb

The only German museum focusing on bees, the "Bienenmuseum in Oberweimar" tells the story of apiculture.

A 360° view round catches the early gothic church St. Peter and Paul, the Waldorf school and also the meeting point of the Bauhaus artists.

Bicycle Tour - Ehringsdorf Quarry

The ice age in the present 

In our Weimar important things developed in the Pleistocene (ice age). A rock was born, and a lady died. Almost all important buildings of Weimar are decorated with travertine ( marble of the ice age) and the lady bears witness in the Museum for Pre- and Early History.

The 360° view round leaves you with a whole lot of landscape.

Bicycle Tour - Haus Hohe Pappeln

The winds of change breath beneath the poplar trees

The Belgian architect and designer Henry van de Velde conceptualized and built his "Wohnhaus Hohe Pappeln", his own residence. It lets us understand the transformation from Art Deco to Bauhaus.

The 360° view round opens the world of Henry van de Velde.

Bicycle Tour - Bauhaus

Forms follows function

The motto of Bauhaus could also have been " all created things are allowed to be beautiful" Together let us discover a completely new aesthetics.

Taking a 360° view round we see the fusion of the Grand Ducal School of Arts and Crafts and the Academy of Fine Arts into the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bauhaus.

Bicycle Tour - Lizst house

Weimar melodious

The brightest star on the horizon of European music coined the Silver Age of Weimar. Franz Lizst conducted the musical world of Weimar and gave a boost to Richard Wagner.

Taking a 360° view round, we can have a look into the park, discover the entrance to the Cave in the Park and in the distance we see the Russian cemetery.

Bicycle Tour - Goethe's historic house

Juno, the Roman queen of the gods, bids welcome through the window

Celebrities from all over Europe or simply the laughter of children – Goethe's historic house knows tales to tell.

Taking a 360° view round it is a pleasure to watch children play on a sunken giant, to wait with Friedrich Schiller for his first audience with the Geheimrat, and to taste Frankfurt's Grüne Soße at the restaurant Weißer Schwan.

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  1. Ducal Residence UNESCO World Heritage
  2. Palace UNESCO World Heritage
  3. Palace
  4. (via) Goethegartenhaus UNESCO World Heritage, Römisches Haus
  5. Bienenmuseum
  6. Ehringsdorf
  7. Haus Hohe Pappeln
  8. Bauhaus UNESCO World Heritage
  9. Liszt house
  10. Goethe's historic house UNESCO World Heritage